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Reliable and affordable phone lines for your business. Visit

Hosted Phones

Full featured business phone system that delivers reliable and feature rich service. Visit

Simple Service

Simple phone service for cell phone based companies gives you a common company greeting a menu to all your employees cell phones. Visit

  • phones provide reliable and resilient SIP trunks for you phone system. Voicemail to email can be used as your primary or as a fail over when your phone system site has an outage. Calls are easily routed to voicemail and emailed to your offline contact. Anti-fraud protection implemented to limit your liability for excessive fraudulant calling. Unregistered status on your sip trunks can trigger auto forwarding of your phone numbers and trunks to a cell phone or secondary location when your trunk becomes un-registered.

    • Voicemail to Email Included
    • Detailed call records included
    • Call forwarding on unregistered included.
    • Caller ID is standard
    • Online billing and self serve payment
    • Standard all inclusive plans
    • Custom high volume plans
    • Simple-Pay-as-you-go plans
  • Custom call flows, billing solutions and integration to ERP and other enterprise and billing system is available with our Full integration with many CRM and standard enterprise software is already available for tools like, SugarCRM, Microsoft Dynamics and more.

    • Complex IVR with database lookups
    • Call routing based on customer
    • Automatic contact record lookup on inbound call
    • Automatic journalling
    • Custom reports
    • Data push to enterprise systems
    • Full mobile phone integration
    • Web enabled WebRTC standard compliant
    • Low calling cost
    • Click to call from web applications

"I have always and only used HELIA for all of our technology needs. They are great. However what makes them amazing is the customer service. Whenever we have issues and my staff contacts them we always receive the help we need. It literally feels like they drop everything to help. When needed they come down in person. Dar and the HELIA team are amazing."

Michael Lindenbach

Full Service Managed Phone Service for Canadian Business

HELIA is a full service phone company. We provision both retail and wholesale lines for business and provide customized services and plans to Canadian businesses. Whether you need high volume long distance for call center operations or custom termination for national coverage, our HELIA team can create custom plans to meet your needs.

Contact our sales team to discuss special needs and custom calling plans at or (403) 698-0700.